Explaining Pop and Lockdown

We are back baby!

So we know, we get the listener numbers through, and we have ears. The Podcast was a wonderful, funny, enlightening, explosive failure. Our audio was bad, our marketing was worse, and we had no niche, or audience. Ultimately, we were good hearted oafs, blundering around in the bottom of the spotify stream, having a great time, but unfortunately, not making much headway toward stardom. We’ll be exploring that in more detail in another post.


So. What do we do when we can’t do ourselves?


What do we do if we don’t want to do that because we’re scumbags and frankly teaching seems a little worthy?

Judge others.


Hence. Pop and Lockdown. We’ll be listening to a brand new album every week, and shifting focus hard into writing quality content, boosting our website (which, frankly, is the most successful thing we’ve done. Look at that aesthetic) and just taking some time for us you know? We want to work on ourselves, sharpen our voice, and work, hopefully with everyone who did put up with us and our explorative efforts into podcasting, to make something worth your damn time.

With that in mind, we’re posting a contact form here. Get in touch with your favourite or least favourite albums. We can’t wait to hear what madness we’ve accidentally collected as a fan base.

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