Branching Out

We’ve been blogging, we’ve been podding, and now we’re in the process of establishing a live comedy night in Bedford. Is it a small town, yes. But are we the biggest comedy night in that small town? Of course not you damn fool. But we’re growing.

It’s a risk though right? We pulled off our first comedy night on, basically, a combination of good will from our core group of friends and a complete lack of competition around Bedford. We can’t sustain a podcast, or a comedy night, on those. Sooner or later, we will fail if we’re bad.

And that’s the worry isn’t it? You can fail at any time, and its done, but success has to be sustained for your entire life. And each show after that first one, the pressure builds, because your momentum has built and there’s more to lose.

It’s a broken way to think about things sure. It’s not how things really work, and I know that, but it’s how they feel they work. It feels that way, especially when your up on the stage trying to recapture that first night, which of course is impossible, you’ll never be as nervous, and as free of pressure, as that first time up.

As time goes on, I’m believing more and more that dealing with that perpetual sense of building pressure is one of the key parts of success, being able to withstand that and just keep plugging away, with standing the lows is basically, what success feels like. And it’s slightly empowering to feel that.


We’re due to do our second stand up gig, and unlike the first, the audience will contain a lot more people that know me, as a person, so perhaps that why we’re feeling this way. It’s one thing to stand in front of strangers and proclaim semi-autobiographical jokes, but to stand in front of people you know, who will know exactly where the exaggeration starts and the facts end, that will take some serious work.


And don’t worry if you’re for some reason not in Bedford on the 23rd May, and congratulations, if you’re out of bedford, then your life must be going pretty ok. (I take it back, bedford is lovely, and you should definitely visit. There’s a slowly thriving comedy scene for example). We’re hoping to record the whole thing, and stick it up online. So you’ll be able to read the emotional wrangling that goes into it on this blog, and then immediately flip over to the podcast, and listen to the stony judgement bestowed upon the comics. See the labour, then see the fruits.


If you run a comedy night, or have recently taken up the microphone, or any new art form, and are living the same life of imposter syndrome and slow creeping excitement, hit us up, we’re always keen to talk.



We’re desperate for any kind of attention.





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