Eric the Megalomaniac Butcher

Now that The Menagerie has been established within the podcasting world, we feel it is only too appropriate to thank our many fans.

To the kids I saw down Kidderminster Alley aiming the endless cursing at me, I say thank you to you. Where else would you have picked up that sort of vile language? Keep it up. Keep it fresh.

To Dave in the local Chip Shop, thank you for the free battered cut offs and left overs, though you will probably never read this nor listen to any of our productions.

To Ken outside the American Pool Hall, I swear to god if you ever trip me without warning again, I’ll COME AT YOU LIKE A RAGING BULL.

To Eric the Butcher, your meat is questionable at the best of times and your heart is in an interesting place. Thank you for not referring to me as “boy” on my last visit but instead trying a random name. Your fascist views have no place in our podcasts, and I thank deities that you won’t get the chance to set your ‘plans’ in motion.

To PINKDICK99, your incessant dick pics are starting to grate. Stop it.


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