Our Lineup: The Shows We Run

We’re like a network in one feed. Get a range of shows with one easy sub, and let us entertain your head holes.

Here are our current list of shows, we’ll update as we edit and change, add and remix. I think it’s pretty obvious to anyone that listens that this is very much a work in progress.


History Shook: Hosted by your favourite Menagerie Tweeter, this show focuses on the past and nostalgia, usually around a big question. What was etter in the past? What would you change about the past in general? What would you go back and do differently?

Smarts: Hosted by Aaron Simon, this show focuses on our own stories and anecdotes around a subject. Animals. A and E. DIY. Learn how the pros do it, or, more accurately, learn how we do it, and then don’t do it.

Spook in Your Face: Hosted by Jack Taylor, Spook in your Face focusses on a new True Event every episode, getting into the creepy nature at the heart of the human conditions. Plus you can listen to the sound of Taylor panic drinking a bottle of wine.

ApoCallum Now: The End of the World as we reckon we know it. Callum, our resident doomsayer talks us through the end of the world, how likely it is, and what the best way to survive is. Millions dead. Hilarity ensues.

Coming Soon: Booze Your Own Adventure: Hosted by, unfortunately, me again, the group go through one of the Choose Your Own Adventure books from our youth…were they always like this?



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