Our Shows, and How We Pod

We appreciate our podcast can be a little…different.


Most Podcasts have a focus, or a direction, and a theme. And we do too. But we like to keep ours under wraps a little bit, so it makes sense that it might not be clear to our listeners, especially if you guys are new.


And if you are new, Welcome guys! Good to have you with us!


When we started the Podcast, it was mostly Aaron and I, thinking about how we could use our personalities and creativity to create something. We knew straight out that while we had both an interest in stand up comedy, sketches and satire, that if we were really honest with ourselves, that probably wasn’t what we were best at.

Honestly, we weren’t that good at most things, we weren’t great journalists, poets or writers, not really. But our one strength, what we did have going for us, was a really good group of friends.

We’ve been friends since school, and honestly, I think most of the interesting or funny things we say in the podcast is entirely down to how we’re friends, and how we’ve learnt to interact with each other over years of just hanging out. I think it sounds fresh, especially in podcasts, where most of them are one guy in a tie trying to sound smart to another bro in a tie.

If you hear anything that makes you laugh in the pod, it’s not because any of us are that funny, but there is something about us together that just sounds better on tape. That’s why we offer so many different shows and games, because the theme isn’t one subject, or one format. Really, the theme is all of us. We’re going to cycle in and out, sometimes it will be Taylor, sometimes Stan, sometimes Larry or whoever, but hopefully over time you’ll start to get to know them like I do.


That’s our theme. That’s the format. It’s us man.













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