Don’t Use Conductive Utensils When Preparing Electric Eel Soup

If space is infinite and ever expanding, then there is huge potential for a group of friends to have recorded and produced podcasts similar to ours already. That being said, what’s the point in doing anything if you get hung up on the idea that multiple universes exist with endless timeline variants?


Didn’t make your bed this morning? Never mind, there’s probably an identical you that did; plus they’ve got a law degree and a smoking hot car. Didn’t get to work on time? Never mind, your other timeline variant twin did, plus they received £35,000,000 in an independent lottery win at 10:34am to walk away giving your current boss the finger. You can’t live like that; you have to take your opportunities in THIS universe, in THIS timeline.


Just like you, we can’t live like that either, and that’s why we’re bringing you these podcasts. It’s probably been done before, but my god we’re going to hit you with it so hard your ears fall off and start a cult. You heard it here first.




Listen to our latest episodes on Spotify, Apple, or on our website here.

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