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We get it. You just want the good stuff, you didn’t come to this website to fuck spiders. You came to get the latest eps.

Here you go hombre.

  • Episode 4: DIY Smarts
    We're back with a new game: Smarts! This week Aaron Simon takes us through his new game, Smarts, as we discuss everything that can go wrong with DIY. I'm joined by Jack Taylor, Aaron Simon and Sam Hurll.
  • Episode 2: History Shook
    The gang are back, talking about one thing they'd change in the past, except you can't kill Hitler. The gang today? Aaron Simon, Sam Hurll and Stan Humphries joins our host, Ben Tysoe.
  • Episode 3: Spook In Your Face
    The gang are back, but the game done changed. Spook In Your Face is our mystery solving show. Join super sleuth Jack Taylor, as well as Ben Tysoe, Aaron Simon, Rachel Bailey and Larry Smith as they get to the bottom of the case of the disappearing diver.
  • Episode 1: History Shook
    Welcome welcome welcome one and all! The gang kicks off episode one, one thing that was better in the past, and one thing that is better now. Starring Ben Tysoe as your host, with Larry Smith, Sam Hurll, Aaron Simon and Stan Humphries. Contains explicit language, adult humour, and good times.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Larry Smith says:

    So funny! Maddie McCann would come back from the dead to listen to this


  2. Larry Smith says:

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